Yesterday and today when I look at the mirror, I noticed my shank and thigh got some impressive change. I am encouraged by the body change.

My shank looks like it has lost some useless fat, so the muscle looks much better than before.


1, Two Marmot softshells, same. Bought one in Portland at 70 dollars, and bought another one of same color and size in somewhere at 50 dollars of clearance, maybe Salem.

2, One Columbia blue-yellow jacket at 100 dollars at Corvallis. Have to mention I bought a pair of Columbia basic version shoes for my wife at 35 dollars. And she said it is very good.


We are in Coos Bay, oregon yesterday night and today. This morning it was drizzling continuously. After eating breakfast at Super 8, we went back to our room and looked at the rain outside.

Then one scene surprised me. One big buy with beard standing in the parking lot right out of our window, was holding a football and threw it out to somebody else. He saw me and waved to me. Who is he?


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