Cambridge Education Group

Two days ago I attended a meeting held by Cambridge Education Group.

Nice to meet you, Kai, Vincent, and Julia.

Got to know this company in this summer. I helped a student apply for boarding and day school around Boston area. More than one school told me that I should contact this company for application. I understand that some middle schools have authorized this company for recruiting foreign students. Then I contacted the company and two staffs replied my inquiry and provided me with some candidate schools information. Pretty good service.

Although I helped the student chose another boarding school finally, I got contact with CEG. One week ago, Kai contacted me and asked if I had time to attend a meeting on their new college project in the US. I was glad to have a visit.

CEG is an UK company with quite some country branch offices. It has three middle schools in UK, and one newly-open middle school (9-12 grades) in Boston for three years already. Their middle schools are international middle school for foreign students.

They also cooperated with colleges in the US, such as WHEELOCK and Morrisville. It is impressive for me that a UK company is developing their business rapidly in the US. Much more agressive than a lot of American colleges. Of course business drived, but should American college do more?

The quality of China office staff is impressive as well. Kai speaks excellent English, and he shared a lot of stories on his US school visit. One example is one Chinese student transferred to their boston school from a local American school because there was no people talking with him there. Well, what is a good school? It is hard to say. At least this CEG school gave him more attention and care from teachers.

I won a small teapot by answering the second question right. Hope to see you next year for your new project.

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