see you on the road

We are in Coos Bay, oregon yesterday night and today. This morning it was drizzling continuously. After eating breakfast at Super 8, we went back to our room and looked at the rain outside.

Then one scene surprised me. One big buy with beard standing in the parking lot right out of our window, was holding a football and threw it out to somebody else. He saw me and waved to me. Who is he?

OOhhhh, is he the guy we met two days ago when we cycled on the road from Florence to Reedsport???

Yes, he is, and his brother.

That day, I stood aside the US 101 and was waiting for my wife to catch up. Then I noticed some people was going up, but when they were far from me, I could not tell who they were. When they came closer, I realized they were not my wife. They were two cyclist. I waved to them, and asked them where they were from. One guy told me he was from Canada. Then after I told him I am from China, they just kept pedalling and left one sentence "see you on the road".

I was pretty sure at that time that we might not see them again. Our speed is 25-30 mile a day, slower than most cyclists. How could we see them again?

It is the winter rain in oregon let us meet again.

These two guys are from Toronto, Canada and Maine. Their name is Patrick and Kevin Gridley.

Where are they going? Argentina. And where did they start? Alaska.

I am very excited today to meet them and talk with them. We took some pictures together.

Their blog is

They are traveling very light, that day when I saw them, they did not have much luggage, just some stuff on rear rack. And they did not wear helmet. They wore shorts and shortsleeves.

Gridley brothers started their trip on August 1st. I asked them something about Alsaka and Yukon part. Patrick told me they bought grocery once for 1000 km distance....

They have finished 20% of their trip, one more year is just ahead of them before they reach the southmost point of Argentina.

Both of them can speak spanish because their father is in Chile and they spent some years in South America.

Their bikes are Specialized. I just bought a new helmet of this brand in Florence. Very comfortable, and reasonable price of 40 US dollars.

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