Covered bridges in Cottage Grove

Yesterday we went to Cottage Grove to have a look at the covered bridges. Because of weekend, there are only two shifts of bus going there, one is in the morning, and another one is in the afternoon. During weekdays, there are 8 or 9 buses going there.

The new bus has new bike rack, hard to identity the release handle and do not know how to operate the tightening system. I took some time to figure it out, and the bus driver helped me to understand the system and load the bikes.

It took about 40 minutes from Eugene to Cottage Grove.  There were three BMX bikers came up, since the rack are only for three bikes, two BMX bikes were put in the bus.

Cottage Grove has about the population of 9800. It has Walmart, Safeway, Bimart, Subway, Little Casear, almost every fast food restaurant in this town.

The bike trail is wonderful. We met quite some bikes on the trail. Some of them came from Eugene, drove car to Cottage Grove, the rode.

We found the trailhead park under the direction of several people, a group of students with their teacher selling cinnamon rolls at the entrance of Walmart, some bikers along the road, a senior biker from Eugene. I stoped by a game animal processing studio. A guy was doing his bloody job there. His skill is pretty good. And his son told me it would cost hundreds of dollars to make a model, depends on the size of game animal.

The covered bridge is breath-taking. It is so beautiful. We saw two along the trail, and saw another two in downtown.

There are two more we did not visit, but we had fun at a campsite and climbed to the top of a dam, with our bicycles.

We came back with the only night bus.

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