love affair of me and my bike

I am in Eugene now, just saw an interesting post on craigslist


a brief history of the love affair of me and my bike.

we met in my garage, after my mom abandoned him because she was bored of cycling. it was love at first sight. after a quick tune up so he could fit my midget horse legs, we were off.

we biked to the library, to the high school and to field hockey try outs. we were quite the pair. and then, high school was over. no more night time rides home from working at the yacht club and no more near misses with shitty drivers.

but our love could not be stopped by three thousand miles, so I packed him up and shipped him horizontally across the great nation to be reassembled on campus.

we had another sweet two years together, enjoying the bike lanes and the polite drivers that the west coast had to offer. then, once again, we faced separation when I studied abroad. we skyped for hours.

alas! we were reunited this september. dusting the ol' boy off and refilling his tires, I brought him to my new apartment, a humble two bedroom close to campus.

but as they say, if you truly love something, let it go. and so I foolishly locked my bike under the stairwell of my apartment. but in my heart of hearts, I knew that it was a mistake. I should have brought him up the flight of stairs to my apartment! we could have nestled in bed together through the cool northwestern fall.

and so, when I returned from class this afternoon, I knew that it was over. I knew it was over when I saw my lock cut through and my true love gone. all good things must come to an end, it seems.

I guess I have to admit that you are his true owner, and my maroon trek road bike will never be mind again. but say, let's bury the hatchet, or the saw you used to cut the lock off my bike. come on back and I'll give you the helmet and my lights that I had kept inside. no hard feelings!

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