Monmouth, a real small town

Tuesday afternoon, October 30th, 2012.

Compare with Corvallis, Monmouth is a really small town, a half hour bus ride from Salem, the capital of oregon. After experiencing Monmouth, I called Corvallis big city. In my mind, Monmouth only has two streets, one is the road connecting highway No. 99, which we are riding on these few days. Another street is main street. Some shops and restaurants scattered along this super small town style street.

Western oregon University is right here. I even mixed it with a similar name Western Washington University, then I realized I was in another state of oregon, not in Washington ANYMORE, what a SUCCESS of cycling. From the Courtesy Inn we were staying, there is only a few blocks away from University, super close. It is the best sample to show how small this town Monmouth is.

I enjoyed the campus tour with a very nice girl who is studying sign language major here. We looked around campus, visited three dorms with different styles. I have to say she is the best tour guide I have ever met. Although Western oregon University has 16,000 students, she still knows a lot of people here, keeping say hi to quite a few students passing through us. She was always facing us, we moved forward, she moved backwards, so two of her friends told her "Don't fall down".

If a Chinese student is looking for a college in American big city, think carefully about this place. You may be very disappointed because it is not a fancy place to play. It only have two supermarket, one is bi-mart, the department store here to buy daily use stuff. This bi-mart has pretty good selection of fishing and hunting equipment, if you are not doing fishing and hunting in Monmouth, why do you come here? I will be crazy if I am studying in Western oregon University and not doing fishing and other outdoor things.

There is another grocery store called Waremart, not Walmart. Is it in actually another town Independence? Yes, it is. But not far, only one or two miles from Monmouth, it is nothing at all.

However, as a student you will probably get more attention from other people than a same scale university in "big cities" such as Corvallis. We not only have this girl guide, and also three other students welcomed us in their dorms. These three guys are dorm tour guides to show their rooms. We have got more attentions here than any other colleges I visited.

Two dorms we visited are almost brand new. Pictures say everything, I will upload them when I fix my laptop. The lounges are like a star hotel setup, give me the feeling of visiting private college dorm. The dorm room are well designed and just let people feel like it is a separate room, not like those cell style dorm rooms.

Here I met with the director of International students and scholar service, Mr. Yang. We sat down and had good talk about this university. He told me there are about 160 Chinese students here, while there was no Chinese student seven years ago when he just came here. What a achievement.

Every American college is unique. Western oregon University is one of only five colleges in the US to provide Sign Language Major, the girl guide told me. You may also find something interesting here. I also think it is good for some Chinese students to get a feeling about small town, a good place to study.

And it has easy access to Salem by bus.  

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