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The reason I write English blog is my laptop down...The ipad we bought recently for makeshift of my laptop did not recognize the login antivirus number trick on desktop or laptop. So I came to the business center of Best Western. The computer did not work at first and I called front desk to have a look. Fortunately it started to work after restart and reconnect to the wireless internet. Both of my laptop and ipad suck, Apple and Gateway, I hate both of you. Apple, you are making a lot lot of money and sucking blood from a lot of people, sooner or later, you monster will die, and people will forget you just like Kodak. This is the curse I give to Apple. Apple is a good example about how capitalist cares only about money, not your convenience. Although it looks like convenience.

Today I visited oregon State University in Corvallis, oregon. It is a decent public university, which has about 26,000 students totally. I attended the campus tour with a father and his son from Denver, Colorado. Plus, the tour guide girl.

Tonight my wife and I had dinner with two Chinese students in a Chinese restaurant, Blue Sky. I know one student years ago, and he brought his roommate. Both of them are from Beijing. We talked about university things. One student told me some interesting story, which triggered my thinking about big university and small college.

Here is the story. Once he went to a professor's office due to his confusion about the course of Logic. He told the professor his confusion about this course, and the professor answered him with a more confusion option, "This is the reason why you come to study Logic"..........WOW...........I am surprised.

One more example from him. Another time he went to talk with a math professor about solving problems. He felt hard to figure out how to solve problems, no clue to start. The math professor gave him another answer but in similar style as his Logic instructor. The math guy's answer is, "After you solve one thousand problems, you will figure out how to do it."

Then I talked about my point of view. When student asks help from professor, it is just like a patient looking for help from a Doctor. Both of student and patient have problems, however, they do not know how to do with the problem. So they need help from knowledgable people like a professor or a doctor. The helper should provide help instead of meaningless and confusing answer.

Education is service industry, people working in education industry, especially people working for public university should not work like government officials. But for big university with over 20.000 students, what do you expect from this type of crowd situation?

The memorial union in OSU is a great architecture work. But, it is full of students. Can I enjoy a masterpiece of art work? Yes sometimes I can, but definitely cannot when I am standing in a mess of people.

Any premium service is for just a few people, not for crowd or all the people. Even the professor could be a good person, he may not be able to deal with tens of students. He just do not have enough time, and patience.

The more colleges I visit, the more favoratie I give to smaller college.

P.S. The father from Denver is a good and serious father for his son's future education. His son is in Junior year. When we visited the dorm room, the father knocked on the wall to feel about the thickness of wall, which is really thin. And he open the closet to see the inside. After the tour he took his son to student dining hall to get more feeling about the food in OSU.

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