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Yesterday, I sent email to an admission staff of a boarding school. One thing is that I have not received the I-20 form after over half a month waiting. Another thing is to ask if the school can return the $5000 deposit in case of visa rejection.

This morning, I got the reply, I was frustrated by her answer. "Unfortunately, deposits are not returned to students. "

What can I do? I emailed their admission director.

Dear XXX,

Hello. My name is Xiaodong Zhang, an educational consultant in Beijing, China. This year I helped my client XXX applied to your school and got admission.

Yesterday, I got XX's reply about the deposit return thing in case of visa rejection. I have a few students who got visa rejection in the past years. All of them got deposit returned from other American boarding schools.

I think it is my fault to assume every school will return the deposit if any student get visa rejection, only based on my experience. I think I should ask this thing before sending out application. Frankly, I feel pretty frustrated when I got XXX's reply.

I hope you can understand my feeling.



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巴巴小茜 [2008-05-26 06:39 AM]
good  teacher  ,good  friend.

<翻译过来是 良师益友 。。。。。哈哈.>

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